12th December 2019

General election on 12th December 2019

A difficult article to write as this election seems all about one subject and I try and hide my political leanings. If I dwell too much on one side or the other, it is because the story is essentially about that.

Many years ago I had a programmable calculator and wanted to write programs for it. A friend suggested I came to an astrology meeting and learn how to write programs on astrology positions. I laughed at him. “You’re mad” I replied, “No Way!”

He then informed me that there were seven women to every man at these meetings – and this is how I became interested in astrology. One more paragraph and I won’t mention astrology again!

At one meeting, in 1994, an astrologer told us that there would be an abnormal amount of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting at the end of the century, and this actually happened. Twenty years later, he said the world would be in battles between forces of good and forces of evil. Well, this is twenty years after the turn of the millennium – and here we are!

The coming election on December the 12th will be different to many other general elections as it will be a turning point of our relations with the EU. On the one side, we know the Scots Nationalists, Liberal Democrats and the Greens want to remain in the EU. It is heavily suspected that Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn is hedging his bets. For thirty or so years he has been against the EU but now doesn’t seem to know which path – as leader of Labour – he needs to tread. Almost certainly, like the other parties mentioned so far, he will plump for remaining in.

Then we have the Tories, promising to leave. Most previous Tory MPs want to remain, and many of the new intake seem to be remainers. Boris promises to take us out and says he is all for leaving. I am not so sure. Those of us who follow division voting in the House of Commons (in the government’s Hansard) have seen Mr Johnson’s previous voting patterns and suspect he is more remain than leave. Like Jeremy Corbyn, he is hedging his bets. In addition, even the EU have admitted that they haven’t altered their deal with Theresa May, just tarted up the wording to hoodwink the voters. Mind you, like our politicians, you cannot necessarily believe a word the EU officials say!

Finally, we have Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party. Mr Farage made an offer to Boris Johnson by standing down his candidates in all the areas where the Conservatives won in 2017. All 307 of them. Boris has not really reciprocated, he's made a few idle promises but has not stood down his candidates in Labour strongholds which he could never win.

And now Jolyon Maugham QC is ambulance chasing disgruntled TBP candidates who have been stood down, offering to sue Pro Bono (without charge). However, The Brexit Party’s full name is “The Brexit Party Limited” and I am sure it is pretty low on funds as there is an election imminent and Mr Farage’s personal wealth is safe. I suppose Mr Farage may have achieved two points here, thinning out the unreliable ones (from his point of view) and we won’t know until tomorrow (15th November) at the earliest whether he intends to make hay out of the Conservatives unwilling to deal?

Returning to my earlier points, and without stating which is evil and which is good, which side do you hope will win, and which side do you suspect will win?

Whichever way you lean, history has shown that dictatorships never last and I suspect the European Union hasn’t got many more years to go. Perhaps a decade.