Who are "The White Rose" on Telegram?

20210507 Who are The White Rose? Fastest growing group ever!

Are GCHQ and MI5 working together?

20201127 Your mobile phone may be your greatest enemy!

How to avoid Information Overload

20201019 How to save time keeping up with what's happening!

Politics are broken - update

20200707 A sad indictment of the Western World

Was Apartheid worse than the present South Africa

20200612 A little history of modern South Africa

Could referendums be an useful tool?

20200506 An incredibly simple way (to the voter) to accomplish this.

A build-up to the take over in South Africa in 1993

20200427 How the ANC miscalculated and inherited a poor economy

Who is the real Nigel Farage

20200112 I am trying to, but it is difficult to know anyone, even a spouse you've known for 40 years!

What a mess we are in [continued]

20191203 More notes on the 12 December election

A new idea for Foreign Aid.

20191118 It could be used to enrich our country!.

General election on 12th December 2019

20191114 An appraisal on the general election to date

What a mess UK Ltd is in

20191031 What the status is on October 31st

An exciting venture in London

20190812 Aimed at keeping National politics out of local politics.

Our trade with the world

20190805 How they cheat with the figures

Should former Prime Ministers be paid?

20190729 - You may be surprised at my thoughts.

Be a boy scout. Be prepared

20190716 - For a civil war or just danger in our streets!

There must be a better way

20190703 We have to sort out Local Government - it's failing both residents & Local business

I’ve been banned from Twitter

20190626 But this is, for me, a blessing in disguise.

The Secret People

20190623 A severe warning to our politicians

Japan - some interesting facts

20190616 No Marxist education there,

Friends and Enemies

20190615 The country is divided in anger, it's not right. Cui Bono?

A new United Kingdom

20190614 During my conversations recently four ideas struck me.

The incarnation of Marmite

20190604 The Brexit Party is only temporary.

Loyalty can be a double edged sword

20190529 Are you loyal to your party? Are the politicians loyal to our country? Should you be loyal to your party or your country?

What really happened at Auschwitz?

20190528 This certainly gives food for thought.

What, exactly, is common purpose?

20190526 Warning, this is pretty scary and not for the faint hearted. But is is something what we should know about.

Why I won’t be voting for The Brexit Party

20190519 Yes, I said I'd not say who I will vote for and I don't say it in this article!

Bank's investment arm.

20190516 Why do we need inept politicians? They don't do anything!

When did you last vote?

20190512 It's your fault the country is in a mess!

Who do I vote for?

20190507 No, I don't tell you, and keep mine a secret, but here are some ideas.

Prepare our young for the future

20190505 And, it needs to be private education for the masses

Shall I or shan't I... vote?

20190504 - Disillusioned with politics? There is another way as you must go and vote.

The Black Economy

20190503 We need to change our whole tax system to make it impossible for this to exist - rather than use expensive police and court resources to try and catch these people.

An email from a Czech nurse working in Germany

20190501 No, it won't be in the mainstream press!

Propaganda - it's everywhere

20190430 - We must learn to spot it or we will remain hood-winked.

Are YOU the cause of our political decline?

20190429 Yes, YOU - I mean YOU and I'm perfectly serious!

A joke, or could this happen

2090428 This was sent to m as a joke, but I really like the idea.

What's wrong with our politicians

20190424 A cross between a joke and bitter tears

Socialism has inherent problems

20190422 This is why Communism and many other countries do not succeed.

Neither politics or religion

20190419 But could, vaguely, come under both - Politics won!

This is "real" education

20190419 But the Government would never permit a totally bright thinking public, we are already dumbed down - but even then they are being rumbled!

Why I hope Brexit parties will lose the EU Elections

20190417 And I am a 101% fully committed Brexiteer! Guess why?

I was undecided - Political or Humour

20190416 It was hard, but in the end, Political won!

Improving unemployment and our export drive

20190415 And helping unemployment at the same time

Are petitions to the government pointless

20190410 This article explains exactly why they are, in the authors opinion, a total waste of time if just using social media to promote them. There is a better way!

We are living in dangerous times

20190409 This is not left versus right. That doesn't really come into it at all, it is the globalists who are aiming towards a one government world against English freedom lovers.

Conspiracy theories

20190405 It's funny how what starts our as a conspiracy theory suddenly becomes public knowledge in mainstream politics

Rulers v The People

20190405 Explaining what is actually happening in the Western World.

Political Humour

20190406 I wasn't quite sure whether to put this one under Politics or Humour but in the end thought it more appropriate in Politics!

A new political system for the UK

20190406 When reading this, bear in mind every person will still only vote once every five years. Every constituency will only hold one General Election every five years, and the costs to the nation will be the same.

Common Sense RIP

20190506 His obituary was printed in the London Times.