Little Tips to help your life

Today the electrician called

20190525 How not doing proper research cost me in three figures.

How to Google successfully

20190514 Ten tips to improve your time in your Google browser.

Should you use a false identity?

20190513 When you are on Social Media?

Home & Personal Security

20190501 Keep your home secure and walk safely.

Why - so many questions answered

20190430 Some everyday expressions explained

So, you're looking to change your job?

20190429 Here's how to work wisely, away from the madding crowd!

Frank Bettger - his book

2090428 A truly inspirational book, even after 80 years.

A new restaurant opens

20190424 Your first visit - bring a notebook and pen.

This is interesting to me

20190420 And, it might be to you, if you like writing and want to start you own blog

How do you teach a four year old daughter?

20190416 This could be the most important lesson in your life.

So you'd like to be wealthy?

20190414 If you've finished your formal education, you won't make it unless you do this.

My advice to Johnny Foreigner

20190413 Before you get your knickers in a twist, I came to England alone at 15 with English my third language and struggled in my determination to fit into my adopted country.

So you want to start a business?

20190405 Some early advice for the younger entrepreneur who wants to "go it alone"

Credit nearly ruined my life

20190405 But, with grit, this can make you very well off - if you follow my plan.

Coffee the staff of life!

20190429 This article concerns Lavazza coffee and all their blends

At last, a decent electric shaver

20190423 Bought early in 2012 and still as good as new!

The holiday season is rapidly approaching

20190417 Here is an idea to make travel by year a little less of a nightmare than it actually is.

The best Email disclaimer`

20190412 If you have an email disclaimer underneath of your signature block, why not use this one, it is very good!

Why I wear braces

20190405 A little humorous but it makes sense when you think about it.

I got paid for taking exercise

20190406 Why you should cancel your gym membership.

Social media at work

20190506 This is a dangerous minefield, here's some good advice.

Buying a house in the twenty-first century

20190405 Find out how unimportant the actual house is!

Writing emails to companies

20190405 There re tricks to use to get all your questions answered.

The Wisdom of the ancients

20190405 OK, so I threw a little Latin in here, but it will help you understand how scientists work!