So much for American security!

Not a joke, but still very funny!

American strict security in the late seventies

Borland Sidekick was one of the first Personal Information Managers [PIM} which I used on my Commodore PET back in 1977-1979.

We were discussing Sidekick in a pub in Bayswater and complaining because Borland wasn't allowed to send the version with the encryption ability to make the data secure outside of the USA (because of security reasons as it might get into the hands of America's enemies).

A rather large Russian came over to our table - remember, this was in the cold war, and we were naturally a little nervous! He was biiig!

But he was friendly and said if we came back tomorrow he would give us a copy of Sidekick with the encryption on it.

We returned the next night and sure enough, he came over and gave us the floppy disks. I asked how he managed to get them when we couldn't.

"One of our men in embassy in Washington crossed road to computer shop got program, we copied to all Russian embassies in world".

Made us question American government intelligence.