A. A. A. D. D.

20201026 Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

A defence attorney during a felony trial

20190628 - A truly great comeback.

After 37 years of marriage

20190620 The sting is in the tail! A top quality funny!

American strict security in the late seventies

20190606 This is a joke, honestly, and a true story.

Growing old

20190520 I've got a touch of writer's block so here's a little humour from my files.

Ordering a Pizza in 2021

20190429 After hearing Theresa May's plans on security, this could happen.

20190428 - Who broke down the walls of Jericho?

The wine merchant's taster

20190425 A danerous man if you're "off the rails".

Mockingbird Lane

20190423 A lot of interesting things may happen to you down Mockingbird Lane!

The Gunslinger

20190422 This is going to hurt somebody, very much - and it's not us, dear reader!

Women and Finance

20190418 A woman's guide to Financial security

What would you do?

20190416 The gun or the blanket - your decision!

Trouble at Heath Row

20190415 It must have been a very hot summers day!

The Cape Town clock

20190405 The most accurate clock in the whole of Africa.

New airport security

20190405 The Israelis have come up with a new airport security device which negates the high cost of trial lawyers.


20190405 Affects everybody over sixty!

Why I fired my secretary

20190405 Back in the sixties, when I ran a business in Oxford Street, I had, on one occasion, to fire my secretary – here’s what happened, in my own words, at the time:

Men are just happier

20190405 Funny but there's a lot of truth in this!

Who is Dave Barry?

20190405 16 amusing thoughts from this man, whoever he is!

The Battle of Trafalgar

20190405 in today's modern society!!!

Life in the Australian Army

20190411 Life in the Australian Army is easy if you're from the outback, here you will see how the new recruit fits in.