Is cholesterol really good for you?

Is cholesterol really good for you?

I read the following on this website, can we believe it, are we being foxed?

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The media, the medical and drug sector, the food industry, and many other sectors have teamed up to sell the masses a pack of lies. And like lab rats the masses believe what they are being force-fed, instead of taking a few seconds to do one simple thing, they instead opt to do nothing, but swallow the blue pill they have been given, instead of opting to question everything. A simple question leads to some research, and research provides alternative viewpoints. A brain that is not exercised is a worthless instrument, and the longer it is not used the more useless it becomes [Ed: The same in politics].

We stated several times before that the war against cholesterol was total rubbish. In fact, cholesterol is good; it’s a healing agent, and when levels are high it is trying to protect the organism from allergenic or inflammatory agents. Just like the drug industry once fooled people into believing eggs were bad for health, they continue to pump the nonsense that cholesterol is bad when there is no real credible evidence to support this claim. If you read the research studies they cite you will find that at the very best they are employing something called faulty logic or they are downright lying to support these wild assertions.

The real danger is the crap they call beneficial oils that they are trying to push the public to buy and like lab rats the masses willingly oblige. Any form of seed oil (other than Coconut and olive oil when pure) is dangerous to your health. Butter is very good and can be used as an oil substitute. Do your research on the critical of PUFA and seeds oils. PUFA equals polyunsaturated fats. Fish oils also fall into this dangerous category. What you think you know could very well end up hurting you seriously. To make things look good, they have created outlets such as prevention magazine and a host of other publications (many of them operating as non-profit) whose sole purpose is disinformation. If they can make it look like it’s the drug industry versus the so-called toxic health industry it creates the illusion of good versus evil, thus one group can be sold drugs and the other so-called healing agents which are just as dangerous. The end game is to have a host of sick patients line up for treatment.

Dr Uffe has clearly debunked the crap that medical industry pushes out re cholesterol. He has published numerous books and the link below clearly illustrates how cholesterol is good for you and that in general higher levels as you age are associated with a longer lifespan.

The second link takes you to Dr Uffe Ravnsov’s website and is loaded with useful information. Again this directly confirms our assertion that those at top look at the masses as nothing but a good source of cannon fodder and why not. The masses are gullible and stupid; they fall for the same ploy over and over again, regardless of whether it comes to learning the real history of the world, investing or regarding their health and welfare. [Ed: The same in politics] This will never stop; the only thing you can stop is to make sure you are not part of the herd. The masses never have and will never win; the only time they stand any chance of moving up the rung is if they change their way of thinking. To the early bird comes the worm; to the late bird if lucky, the crap, otherwise it is more likely to get shot.