Hospital Car Parks

Car Park charges at NHS Hospitals

Good Or Bad?

We know the NHS burns cash as if there was no tomorrow. We know that management has no idea of what things cost and will pay a contractor thousands to do a job which, if carried out in industry, would cost hundreds.

Is it the fault of patients to help make up that which is poorly managed?

But – as far as I can surmise – things won’t change over night xxx I mean over year!

I have an idea which could be fairer to the patient but still net the hospital funds from car parking.

First of all, put up the charges by twenty percent – I can hear the screams from here, but bide with me as there’s more!

If a patient cannot make it on their own steam to the hospital and they are brought there by a relation, or friend, the reception gives them a ticket which bypasses having to pay when they leave the car park. After all, this saves the cost of the ambulance which is a lot more.

Most hospitals have a bus service running close by, some even into the hospital grounds.

Those who normally drive to the hospital, why not park nearby? No parking fee. However, if you are like me and love walking for exercise and can do it, walk! After my Hernia op, I was walking a mile a day within a week!

I have never parked in a hospital paying car park and this is so easy.