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This Corona Virus

20200601 What is this really all about?

Free Health Insurance for all

20200521 How to improve your blood and lungs

How Telecommuting can put off staff sickness

20200318 Why is Britain so far behind American business?

Hospital Car Parks

20191211 Car Park charges at NHS Hospitals

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

20190709 The 21st Century snake oil as the old wild west cowboys would call it, but this stuff is good!

Breathing for Cancer

20190625 How to help your Lymph remove cancerous cells from your blood stream.

Try not to drink poison this summer - most people do!

20190612 Lemons are dangerous, water bottles are dangerous.

Stress is the West’s greatest killer

20190610 - Contains information what may save your life.

Is cholesterol really good for you?

20190601 An amazing article which indicates more study rather than saying "rubbish".

How I'd reform the NHS

20190521 & 20190522 How this old geezer would reform the NHS <updated>

ignore if you want to die young

20190418 This fantastically healthy looking speaker was 93 when he did this talk.

Is walking good for you?

20190414 Read this for a full breakdown.

How much Caffeine in your Coffee?

20190405 A serious look at caffeine and coffee