Who is Dennis Prager

Who is Dennis Prager?

Dennis Prager is a remarkable man, he is a Leo, aged 71 at the time of this article, and lives in California. After schooling, he continued his education at Columbia University in New York and the University of Leeds in England. He has been married three times and is a very religious Jew, although he doesn’t seem to be orthodox. He is an advocate of Christianity as he believes everyone should believe in something spiritual.

However, most of his history is on Wikipedia, and as he is a conservative, the Wiki article seems surprisingly very fair and accurate!

But I want to talk about his recent organisation, Prager University, or as he calls it, PragerU.

PragerU has no students, and no fees. It is run entirely by good will donations. However, what a university!

Every week he puts on a five minute video, full of common sense, by articulate people – some students and some very famous people. These put out conservative ways of looking at what is happening at the time.

Then another series of videos are from a black American, Candace Owen. She is a highly articulate woman, who interviews well known and famous Americans. She recently married an Englishman, Lord Farmer’s son. A lucky man, if I were fifty years younger and single, he’d have had a fight on his hands!

Mr Prager has recently introduced podcasts for his new Book Club. The first was “Man’s search for meaning” by Viktor Frankl (a survivor of the Nazi Concentration Camps). The second, and last until now is “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare. Fascinating appraisals by articulate speakers!

Finally, and one I look forward to, are his weekly ‘Fireside Chats’ which are entirely unscripted, and are his thoughts on various matters.

At the date of this article his hits exceed 3.43 billion! But you’ve never heard of him, right? Unfortunately YouTube have started banning some of his videos. I guess it is because he is an honest, upstanding citizen and is a Republican. Never mind, he has Amazon and iPhone apps available.

In addition, Mr Prager has written many books, and his radio programs on religion attract more listeners than the station’s many other programmes. The reason being is he isn’t evangelistic, but down to earth with good common sense.

As I mentioned, with nearly three and a half billion hits, he must be one of the most popular people on the Internet that you may never have heard of!

Link to PragerU