Things happen!

Things happen!

It was my eightieth birthday this last Friday and I had invited 24 of my oldest friends to join me for drinks in the bar at my club at seven, dinner in the restaurant at eight, and liquors and brandy in the bar at ten. And my wife and I stayed there overnight. The whole lot came to a grand. Not bad for central London!!!

Alas two couples couldn’t make it at the last moment. One was pulled onto the pavement by his dog and dislocated his shoulder. The other couple had a young daughter and the family where she was going to sleep over’s daughter had caught measles!

And, I had plainly said “no presents” and still they bought bottles, one a Fortnums hamper and it was too much to take on the underground, and a taxi cost us £60 with a tip! I think all the booze will last me to my 90th!

Still it is only once every ten years! My wife and I have had a chat about this and we both came to the conclusion that my 90th will be the last one. We were also thinking of the hundreth one so I could display “the telegram”!

One couple nearly didn’t make it, and this is the real reason for this weeks article! They live in Northampton and had driven to St Neots station to come to London. Then they found all trains had been cancelled as the electricity sub-station which supplied the local line with its electricity had become waterlogged and ceased working. Panic, but a fantastic think happened. The rail company hired every taxi they could get their hands on and started sending passengers to other lines. They took my friends to Bedford and they made it to the club at 6:30pm so, thanks to the rail company, it was a happy ending for all.

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