The War between England and America in the early thirties which almost happened

The war between the UK and the US which almost happened.

War very nearly broke out in the early thirties between America and Britain. America's plans were to dominate Canada and the Caribbean initially. Then Australia and New Zealand.

The only reason the Americans finally dropped the idea was the power of the British navy which, incidentally, our last half dozen governments have destroyed.

The film below lasts 45 minutes and is absolutely riveting. When I was sent a link I just couldn't put it down. Make sure you have the time before watching it as it is impossible to tear yourself away. I just showed it to my wife and she just couldn't believe it. Nor will you - but every bit is true.

My readers from Britain, Canada, and the ANZAC countries should watch and thank their lucky stars it never happened as the death toll could have been as bad as the first world war.

The story is also in Wikipedia.

And, you can watch the video from this link

This has been pulled by Channel 5 - there's an alternative version but only ten minutes.