The killing fields of South Africa

The killing fields of South Africa

The killings have now reached Stellenbosch, a mere 40.6 kilometres from Cape Town. That’s twenty-five miles in English money!

These farmers either make good wine, and would benefit the British Wine industry, or they run huge farms supplying the indigenous population with their food. If we invited them over here we would become totally self-sufficient within a year.

Australia is offering this, and according to the Daily Express, “South Africa land GRAB: Farmers fleeing to Australia in ‘record numbers’ as fears grow.“

And, as the weather is so much nicer in Australia, we may have missed out due to political correctness.

I left early, and was fifteen when I made my way to Europe to see the world. Most of our family, neighbours and friends had servants and treated them no different to the rest of us. There are all sorts of people that make up this world, the good and the bad. The latter normally make their way into politics, and lately, it seems, into journalism!

If people really want to know about Afrikaners, Hermann Giliomee, late of Stellenbosch University (Professor Emeritus of History) wrote a 600 page book on “The Afrikaners” A biography of a people. two books, one published in Afrikaans and an English edition. For a senior professor, the book is immensely readable.

We work hard and are a credit to our community. I have lived in England for nearly 60 years, and have never asked or received any benefits from tax-payers. Once when out of work in my younger days, I even spent three weeks washing dishes in a Chinese Restaurant for a pittance. Rather than accept government charity. We are also a very proud people.

I then prospered, and although I have no education have made enough not to worry about money in my old age. Last year we paid £10,000 for a luxury holiday in China without borrowing a penny. But then, we are savers. What I am trying to say here, even us Afrikaans thickies rise to the top. But not always to the very top! Certainly not in my case.

Because of the Apartheid Government, new Afrikaners who weren’t born under Apartheid are being allowed to be murdered by the west because of their virtue signalling. If ordinary citizens are OK with that, then so be it. But I despair when farms are invaded and the farmer, his wife and toddler children are shot or have their throats cut. All because the ordinary people in the West are either too frightened to speak up, like the idea of toddlers having their throats cut, are hateful people or feel it is nothing to do with them.

Don’t you at least feel sorry for the 27,000 Afrikaans women and children who died in British konsentrasiekampe in the Boer War under Lord Kitchener’s command? When the Boers heard of this they had no option but to surrender. Wasn’t Kitchener a clever general!

But it isn’t all bad news, if you follow the link to the Daily Express above, there is this paragraph that shows a little good news for the race.

“Thousands of predominantly white farmers are emigrating Down Under every month, as South Africa’s government prepares to roll out land seizures to make right the “original sin” of how the black population was treated in days gone by. A law firm based in Perth, Western Australia, said the number of South Africans who have arrived on Australia’s shores since last February is estimated to be at least 162,000. Karen Kotze, a migration expert at Suffolk Law, said the firm receives “up to 10 enquiries a day” from South Africans considering making the move.”

Russia has 43 million hectares of unused farmland, and has recently begun giving out free land to Russian citizens to cultivate farming. The land giveaway program, which began in 2014, has been a huge success. In 2018 they say that 15,000 Boers want to take up land offers there.

New Zealand has offered Boers free visas to visit to New Zealand and see for themselves.

But Britain, which imports large amounts of its food is too Politically Correct to feed its people.