Growing old

Growing old

A while ago I wrote comprehensively about a free Android ToDo list program (with no adverts) called DGT GTD. You can read it following the link at the end.

Today I am rewriting part of my article, addressing older people who find their memory isn’t as good as it once was – and others who may be younger but also suffer from a bad memory. Many readers will already know I am over 80 and include myself here!

There are many household chores, shopping chores and other things that have to be done and, with a bad memory, many of these can easily be missed. This is where DGT GTD can help, even if you only use a small part of the program – after all it is free!

You can set chores to be a one off on a certain date, or every day, week, month, quarter or annually. In addition,you can set them every seventeen days, every five months or, indeed, any possible time frame – DGT GTD can handle them all.

You can set the reminder to come on an hour, day, or week before hand or any time in-between. For example, Our rubbish collection is early on Tuesday morning so I have set the time to take the rubbish out at 5pm on the Monday before and set a reminder an hour earlier. It then appears onto the phone’s notification screen to nag me!

I have my eyes tested on 7th July, so set my annual reminder 7 days earlier, I charge up my electric shaver, sonic toothbrush and water flosser once a week and set the time for Sunday 11pm with a reminder at 8pm. I clean my beans-to-cup coffee machine every third Sunday at 2pm after the last cup of the day.. Every Sunday 11pm, I turn off my phone and Wifi watch as I think it is good to clear the memory once a week overnight.

All in all, I have 57 reminders in this app, and there is no way I would remember half of them.

The app can do so much more, but this is all for this article – follow this link if you want to use it more fully ignore the earlier paragraph stating it is difficult to master as the programmer has made some great improvements to make it easier to follow