A different working week

A different working week

In January 1974, because of strikes, the three day week was born to conserve energy used by industry. I wrote an article on a new idea I had at the time and will try and recall it.

The three days of work per week could, I thought, be introduced on a more permanent basis as there were many benefits.

First of all, introduce three days on and three days off. This would only lose a single day on the present system of a five day week. Then add a quarter of the lost day’s hours (a couple of hours) in each day worked. A nine to five becomes eight to six.

No hours lost.

Then have a Week A and a Week B – the best way to demonstrate this is that a person who works on the A week has the same contacts in other companies and within his or her own company who also work on the Week A basis. Or Week B as the case may be!

Families? If the husband and wife love each other they will both work in Week A (or Week B) of their individual work places. If they don’t they will choose alternate weeks [humour]! Mind you if they have young children, they also may choose alternate weeks whilst the child is growing up.

The companies wage bill may increase by 40% but so would production. In addition, the use of premises for two additional days would more than offset fuel and other costs.

Companies will need to double their workforce so unemployment will end overnight – but a lot of training will be needed.

On a personal level, a three day “weekend” would enable longer visits to places and relatives, more serious work around the home. More interaction with friends – providing they are on the same rota as you.

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