I was caned in front of my school

I was caned in front of the whole school at fourteen.

It was for two reasons.

1. It was an Afrikaans school.

2. It was an essay I had written.

My Essay went along the following lines.

As my older readers will know, Matriculation is roughly the equivalent of of six to eight A Levels in one go (over a few days of course).

I said, for a period of forty years, we should only give those who have Matric the vote at elections.

Then I said, blacks with Matric should also be given the vote.

Finally, we should provide more schools to educate more blacks to study for matric.

My thinking, which I explained in my essay was, by the end of the forty years (around 1990) there would be an equal number of whites and blacks with the vote, and there would be a reasonably good feeling between the races.

It was also mentioned that South Africa’s standing in the world would be in a better position.

My teacher was furious, my classmates were angry and the headmaster was incensed!

So I took six of the best in front of the whole school.

The funny thing was, I wasn’t caned in front of the school because of the essay, but because I wouldn’t apologise for my “stupidity”. If I had, I’d have still been caned, but in private, in the headmaster’s office!