Buying a house

Buying a house in the 21st century

Before you choose an area, look around for signs of natural phenomenon, like near a river which could burst its banks, or where there can be problems with flooding, or foul air from nearby factories. Traffic and Schools may be important if you have young children.

Then, an ideal house should just be over the brow of a hill, so if there are storm floods the water will bypass you and go down the hill. Being over the brow will protect you from high winds. A reversed "V" trench may be useful in this case.

The next thing to consider is, do you like morning coffee on the patio, or perhaps a sun-downer in the evening? If your house is North or South facing and there are no high walls at the back, you'll be in luck for both times.

Then, if you like fast Internet, and the local exchange has fibre to your nearest green box, make sure you are fairly close to it as the rest of the way to the house is via old style copper wires. Unless you are willing to spend the sort of money to have pavements up-routed for new fibre cabling to your house.

The next thing to consider is, how is the area served for transport, both local and longer distance.

Then there are shops, here, the more important issue is, is there a corner shop nearby for when you find you’ve run out of something. Supermarkets aren't as important as you can either order over the net or drive there.

If in the countryside, is there a pub fairly near by that also serves food? Or perhaps a nice restaurant? It is nice to get out now and again, especially if you’ve run out of food!

If all the above boxes are ticked, you can consider the house and whether it has all the rooms you want. As you can see, when you put some thought into matters, the actual house isn't the be-all and end-all. If all the above boxes are ticked, make compromises!