An idea for the Armed Forces

t is becoming more and more important to save money everywhere we can in Britain, so that May and Co can strut around on the world stage. So money to the armed forces is out, and money to the Indian poor (whilst their government spend billions on a space programme) is in, as with the Swiss Bank accounts of African and Asian countries leaders that we bribe with our taxpayers money!. Our armed forces need to be professional and, as they are being reduced even more, they need to be even more professional.

I have an idea.

Let us stop all direct recruitment to the Armed Forces.

As the Army is the most dear to me, I shall just talk about them, but the same idea could be used for the Navy and Air Force.

My idea is that, if anyone wants to join the Army, they must first serve for a year in the Territorials. When a civilian joins the Territorial Army, he or she should indicate at the time of recruitment whether they want to be considered for a position of a full time soldier, or just want to remain in the Territorials.

During that time, basic training, together with an element of trade or advance soldiering training can be carried out.

After the year, they have an interview with their CO (Bloke in charge) and are told whether they can join the Army full time or remain as a Territorial. Those not quite up to scratch can be told to buck their ideas up, and reapply for consideration in six months.

Not everyone at present who goes through Army training makes a good soldier. Me, for instance. In my case they did what they always do with useless soldiers, they put them in the Regimental or Military Police, or the security services. I subsequently worked in Paris for three years in NATO security!

Mind you, having lived in Africa and spending my weekends from school in the bush as a young teenager, shooting my own suppers, I was a better shot than anyone when in training. Trouble was, I was too independent to be a good soldier. I had my own idea of how the Army should be run, but Captains and Majors though differently.

Going back to my plan, everyone in the full time regular army would have had at least a year of assessment in the Territorials, so the army would have ended up with top notch personnel. In fact the creme de la creme.

The cost for this scheme? Nothing more in the way of kit, weaponry or other materials. Nothing more in administrative costs and the only time involved would be the Territorial Units assessment duties. So even this wouldn't need extra personnel.

I would appreciate any comments on whether you think this idea could work, dear reader.