Anoher diary for the weekend, Sir?

Another diary for the weekend, Sir?

My male readers will remember the old style barber shops “Something for the weekend, Sir”. Always used to embarrass me!

But this is a little different.

On my phone, I use a calendar called “Business Calendar” and it allows me a quick view of other calendars. My wife and I have each others diary on, and we can view with one click. You can allow the other person to see the whole diary, or one with the entries as blocks so you can’t see the details but can see where they are not available.

But we have an additional diary, named “Items”.

Now that LED bulbs are so expensive, whenever we replace a bulb, we add an entry, bedroom main light added on 5th March 2019. We also add the make of the bulb and where purchased. I have a Panasonic shaver which has a “bucket” where the shaver rests for cleaning. When I replace the cleaning fluids I add the date of replacing in the “bucket”.

I purchase my Lavazza coffee six kilo packets at a time. I date when I open the first packet only and know roughly when I need to purchase the next six kilos.

There are many extra items we can add. The advantage is that, for example, we can check which expensive LED bulbs are the best and when to order items near the time a replacement is due. This way we can get the best prices as we never buy in an emergency.

Leaseholders may like reminders when the time to paint the outside, and inside of your house or apartment is due.

Once you set this up and have been going for a year or so, you can estimate when replacements are needed and these appear well in advance on my mobile phone’s notification screen - see paragraph below. Yes, it takes a year or so before it becomes really useful but it takes seconds each time you replace something to add it to the diary.

The app we use to remind us and add to our notification screen is DGT SODA, a free Android and an extensive to-do list program that you can have nag you as often or as little as possible.

Apple users can use a program like Todoist and, if that is all you want to do with it, the free version would be suitable.

This will be of use mainly for those who like to run a tight ship.