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20210116 An interesting post I found on

What's Wrong with Wind and Solar?

20200916 Some amazing (believable} statistics on how our love of wind and solar can destroy the planet!

Are you a worrier or pessimist?

20200819 A useful tip, indirectly from Tony Robbins

Africa can be a dangerous place

20200805 Atheists might be uncomfortable reading this.

TV or not TV - that is the question!

20200721 Or how to get a life!

Is there a need for Saturday morning schools?

20200702 Some ideas of what should be taught.

A different working week

20200511 Do you remember the three day week in 1974 - that could be useful?

Taking Control

20200419 Don't lose control of your situation.

Growing old

20200317 If your memory is as bad as mine, read this, I never forget those umpteen chores any more.

Who is Dennis Prager?

2020303 A man whose work has over 3.43 billion hits on the internet!

Lose the TV

20200211 Are you happy paying the BBC TV Tax? There is a better way.

Gun Ownership

20290901 A very touchy subject, especially in America.

Things happen!

20190722 The best laid plans sometimes work out!

Nobody understands Ampers’ Rants

20190710 So here's the low-down from the writer's mouth!

On Relationships

20190622 Between men and women by an expert.

It is so easy to manipulate polls

20190617 This one is for the political innocents.

Complaining is an art, if you want positive results

20090613 How I successfully get action from errant companies.

Thinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy - what an amazing chap.

20190611 Colonel in the Intelligence Corps in WWII, code-breaker at Bletchley Park, later a Colonel in the Secret Intelligence Service.

Another diary for the weekend, Sir?

20190609 Only of use for efficient home-makers.

The killing fields of South Africa

20190608 The farm murders are clse to Cape Town now, only 25 miles away. Cape Town is the "safest" place to visit on holiday. Not!

The War between England and America in the early thirties

20190602 This is a true story and nearly happened. It would have if Hitler hadn't been building up for war in the mid to late thirties.

Who was Eddie Rickenbacker?

20190527 He was not only a hero but a dynamic businessman as you will note when you reach the end of his amazing story.

Watch out for that monkey!

20190524 The best management book I read, out of a hundred!

Two schools of thought. Which do you espouse?

20190523 The American in Japan who has a top industrial award, highly prized in Japanese industry, named after him.

Don't dictate! Use the Nudge!

20190515 Also useful with your children or employees!

Crime & Punishment

20190511 We need to rethink our sentencing procedures.

Tell them why you’re leaving

20190509 If we don't complain we all eventually lose out

The Venda tribe in Southern Africa

20190507 A little African history, fascinating little read!

Who is Simon Murray?

20190506 An ex Legionnaire takes an $11 billion company to market

Should children have rights?

20190506 I can feel your anger, dear reader! But it's worth a read!

What a daft way ...

20190505 ... to stop your spaniel eating the milkman

The poor parents!

20190504 An example of how heartless police can be. It happened years ago but that doesn't excuse it.

A Brazilian man adopts a penguin

20190503 A lovely story but as it was pushed by the CNN network, naturally there are doubts.

To hell and back

20190426 Commander, Colonel Tim Collins OBE - Inspirational speech.

A South African charity helping poor Africans

20190425 I send them £300 a year. Not all Afrikaners are wicked!

I was caned in front of the whole school

20190422 It was heresy in those days.

An idea for a new look armed forces

20190421 Or, how I'd run the British Army if I were in charge.

Why do the English make life difficult?

20190420 This works exceedingly well in the US & Japan but fails miserably in the UK

The not so secret travel consultancy

20190418 Their fee? An initial non returnable US$100,000 but it doesn't end there, you have to retain them at US$25,000 a year.

Why you should employ an ex soldier

20190417 Before you scoff, this will open your eyes to their value, I was a Corporal at 21.

The true story of the first Emperor of the USA

20190416 I viewed this with total disbelief when I first heard about it, and just could not believe it was true, but I have been to San Francisco (Never call it Frisco to a native) and I now believe this incredible story.

A charming story about how we must learn to live together

20190415 But it is all about porcupines.

The difference between the United States and the United Kingdom

20190413 This could be subtitled: There's a reason why they are so efficient!

A brave English woman in the Boer War

20190405 Emily Hobhouse - after the war, the Boers collected enough money to buy her a house, and when she died, they asked for her ashes and placed them in their holy monument.

I have learned...

20190405 Written by Andy Rooney, a man who had the gift of saying so much with so few words. He has passed away but used to be on CBS's 60 Minutes TV show.

Viking tour to China (long)

20190405 Our incredible two weeks tour of China. Seven cities, 7 day riverboat journey on the Yangtze and three internal flights.

Trip to Fly-Over Country (long)

20190405 A long ago trip to the South Western United States of America.