Now you're cooking

A great cookery program

It is called, and you can search for ,Now You're Cooking on the internet This is a shareware program and it is worth every penny if you decide to buy and use it

This is a Windows Program, and is the only Windows I miss since I went over to Linux a decade ago. I really missed this . There are cookery programs in Linux but nothing as thorough as this.

The following is taken from the blurb on the program's website.

Convenient & Friendly Interface

runs in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

context-sensitive Help throughout

quick-fill data entry

"Did you know?" tips

auto-updated droplists

user-defined external editor and browser

toolbars for speed use

safe and easy upgrade to new NYC versions

Windows Help (contents, search)

zip/unzip/email cookbooks for backup or exchange

easy cut, copy-paste options

web links for support and recipe downloads

cooking glossary with user tips

easy Backup of entire user folder (with compression)

movable user folder

selective Restore of backed up files to user folder

change screen font size

numerous user preference settings

NYC User Manual on Help menu

Recipe Management

organized, customizable recipe interface

recipe fullview and editview choices

up to 500 user-defined categories per cookbook

duplicate recipe checking across cookbooks

unlimited number of cookbooks

resize recipes by a multiplier or by #servings

automatic or manual recipe categorization

automatic best units for resized ingredients

tag and untag recipes for later operations

defrag or reindex cookbooks and image archives

toggle US-SI, fractions-decimal conversions

cookbook annotation

edit, delete, email, print, export recipes from search results

customizable find-replace text across cookbooks

attach images to recipes in cookbooks

proper case recipe names across cookbooks

customizable edit window layout

customizable multi-rater, multi-criteria recipe rating

spell checker (dictionaries in 14 languages)

graphical analysis of recipe ratings

Finding Recipes

multi-criteria recipe search across cookbooks

edit, delete, email, print, or export from search results

find recipes that use ingredients on hand

manual or automatic recipe categorization

search within a limited range (category, recipes with images, etc)

user-defined keywords for auto-categorization

click 2 (or more) categories to find recipes assigned to both

user-defined default categories for new cookbooks

find and delete empty categories

merge and delete categories across cookbooks

Importing and Exporting Recipes

email recipes and cookbooks

158,000+ free, importable recipes on website

robust import of MM, MC, generic formats

0.5 million free, importable recipes overall

multi-file imports; each file can have mixed formats

easily create a recipe website with images

Quick Web Recipes for easy download/import

customize Export-to-Web web pages

easy Screen Import for recipes in any format

export recipes in various formats to your text editor

save un-imported recipes to a separate file

export search results to other cookbooks

publish NYC cookbooks to MS Word

move selected recipes to other cookbooks

Meal Planning

meal plan using multiple cookbooks

handles breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks

multi-criteria search from meal plan

add recipes or individual items to meal plan

quick view recipes from meal plan

scale meal plan entries by a multiplier

maintain multiple menus

automatic shopping list from menus

pop-up calendar for date selections

tag and untag recipes from the menu planner

unlimited meal plan period

easily swap menu days

randomized auto-menu creation

Automatic Shopping List

sums like items from meal plan recipes

add miscellaneous items or delete items on hand

sums like items with different units (converts)

append to or replace previous list

user-definable unit conversions

maintain multiple shopping lists simultaneously

auto-expansion of unit conversion combinations

shopping list sorted by store aisle

multiple shopping lists

merge shopping lists

Cost Management

shopping list cost comparison for up to 20 stores

complete coupon manager

user-defined prices/aisles for up to 20 stores

coupons sorted by item, brand, or expiration date

auto-add new ingredients to prices and aisles list

flag coupon list items with match in shopping list

flags low price and store for shopping list items

import/export price lists to/from text files

Nutrition Analysis

uses USDA nutrition database SR28

8789 food items in USDA database

raw, cooked, prepared, or commercial foods

add, delete, replace user-defined nutrition items

nutrition analysis (recipes, meals, menus)

includes proximates, vitamins, minerals

over 40 nutrition elements analysed, including trans fats

%calories as carbohydrates:protein:fat

analyze any recipe from any source

customizable DietPoints calculations

%Daily Values calculated using your calories/day

add a recipe’s nutrition analysis as a nutrition item

searchable nutrition database

auto-link recipe ingredients using ingredient droplist

Fitness Tracking

calculate body fat %, BMI, waist ratios, and more

track body measurements for multiple users over time

calculate calories/day to gain, lose, maintain weight

calculate basal metabolic rate

Printed Outputs

With your choice of fonts, font sizes, orientation, margins, and printer, you can print:

any or all recipes in various formats

shopping list

recipe names by category

shopping list by store aisle

meal plan

shopping list cost comparison at up to 20 stores

recipes in meal plan

list of unit conversions

recipe categories

list of coupons

recipe category assignments

list of prices and aisles

cookbook recipes by category


nutrition analyses

recipes on index card sheets (various sizes)

print-to-text file option

mini-print preview for recipes

fitness data

nutrition link status for recipe ingredients

I was going to write about this, but everything I wanted to say was here! There didn't seem any point in elaborating. I do miss this, and I wrote this some ttime ago, it has probably improved.