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Learning to cook?

20200208 It is not as daunting as many people imagine

Mediterranean Side Salad

20190713 with Tomatoes, Capers & Olives - great with flat white fish

Hungry? I mean really hungry?

20190607 A really magnificent beef stew. Five hours in the slow cooker

I love cooking

20190518 Two superb apps to run your kitchen on your mobile phone, each with links to the desktop.

Now you're cooking

20190429 This is the most fantastic cookery program - for Windows only

Cape Malay Bo-Kaap Curry

20190421 An excellent curry from the Cape Malay quarter of Cape Town.

African baked beans

20190417 Will blow your socks off, whether you take off your shoes or not!

Cape Malay Prawns

20190416 This is a great dish but you can get hooked on it - I would suggest you keep it as a once a month dish. Stay healthy!

The Ampers Menu System

20190405 How to eat well when you are both working

Caring for your kitchen knives

20190410 Some good advice here from the experts.

Bobotie with Yellow Rice

20190405 An old Voortrekker recipe