Wi-Fi in every room

The new money spinner from broadband suppliers

Pay us lots of money and you can have Wi-Fi in every room.

We have a good router, and bought a couple of Netgear Wi-Fi Boosters which plug in directly to a 13 amp socket for power and have two tiny aerials to collect the Wi-Fi signal and amplify it.

The cost? Apart from the router which most broadband suppliers supply anyway, these Wi-Fi boosters come in different qualities.

  • Netgear EX2700 £ 20.89 each from Amazon
  • Netgear AC750 £ 34.99 each from Amazon

There are many more makes if you don’t like Netgear and some a lot cheaper than the EX2700.

I have the AC750 ones and this is more than enough to cover my two bedroom maisonette.

At present they are a year old and still going strong. Divide the double cost by 12 [months] and it comes to £5.83 which is reducing further each and every month! £3.48 if you buy the EX2700 ones