Prager University

PragerU as it is called, is an American company, relying entirely on donations. Even so, they still manage to spend $10m a year – with 40% of that on marketing. Americans know about marketing! In the early days, he got some pretty large donations from family foundations who wanted to help.

Founded in 2009 in California, it has no classes, no students, issues no diplomas and within three years spread throughout the USA. Now it is worldwide and, according to Wikipedia, the collective videos reached a billion views in 2018. A success story indeed. But there’s more. As of December, 2019, views of his videos have now reached over three billion!

The normal videos are short, about five minutes and there is a group of young people who help, each taking on a specific video. In addition, they have Candace Owen, an extremely intelligent black girl, recently married to an Englishman (alas, now no hope for me) who interviews well known people in depth. About once a month, Dennis Prager has a longish session called Fireside Chat which I always look forward to.

PragerU is heavily criticised by the American Left as being a fascist right wing organisation. However, I am reminded of a phrase Mandy Rice-Davies once said at the time of the Profumo affair:

Well, they (he) would say that, wouldn’t they (he)!”