NHS Ambulances

NHS pays out 92 million to use private ambulances.

Take this one as an example: Most people reading this headline would think this is disgraceful and ‘they’ should do something about it! Then they pour themselves another cup of tea and turn on the TV.

But what does the article mean? First of all, is this for a fleet of ten ambulances? Or, is it for 300 fleets of twenty ambulances? Then, how much has the NHS saved in salaries, servicing, replacing ambulances and using buildings for hospital wards for the sick.

I am not saying that this is right, nor am I saying there’s a bit of fiddling going on. I am just saying the headline is not, in any way informative, unless the article gives out the full figures! Is the NHS really losing money? If the article shows it is a wise investment, then that is a bad headline as it is getting you to believe the opposite. And, the editor relies on you moving on, and not reading the full article.