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Of course, recipes, but there will be other articles concering all aspects of food. At the moment I am getting "into" herbs and spices!

This is for anything else that doesn't fall into the Technical food, humour or Political categories. As time passes, regular items will split into new categories.

Warning: my sense of humour may not be the same as yours! But give it a try anyway, remember, you can always click off!

I am no longer a member of any political party and have, in the past, voted for Labour, Conservatives and the United Kingdom Independence Party.

Labour is not the party of the sixties, and the Tories have let down the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, my adopted country.

In the nineties I joined the Anti-Federalist League - an anti-EU party run by Dr Alan Sked. This morphed into UKIP which I have joined and resigned from five times during its chequered history.

When I retired I accepted the role of UKIP's Head Office Manager and attended their NEC meetings as an observer for a year. But now prefer to be independent and vote for the person at General Elections who will do the best for the constituency I live in.

These articles are about Linux and Android software, computers and ancillaries (modems, gadgets etc) and, for mobiles, Android phones.

My Equipment

I recently went to Entroware [in Leeds] for a new Linux Notebook and listed my own requirements. The cost ranges from £599 to £4,500 depending on choice but my pocket cut me back to just under £1,100 but it still includes an Ethernet port and a full size HDMI port amongst it's twelve ports.
My mobile is a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus running Android v9.0. At the time of writing I have around 350 apps on my phone, reduced from 380. My aim is to get them down to 100 to 150. I'll buy the S10 Plus in ten months when the price comes right down! Normally around £200 off!
I own a stainless steel Samsung Gear 3 watch with a stainless steel expanding strap. It looks so much better than some of the offerings in the market.