About Ampers

Who is Ampers?

He came from South Africa in 1955 after leaving school and his parents to make his way in the big wicked world! English was his third language after Afrikaans and Zulu, but he soon mastered the common language of America and Britain. At least as it was--in the fifties!.

During his early years, he spent three years in the USA, serving hash, washing dishes, washing cars, you name it, he did it. But saw America.

Favourite US City? San Diego.

Favourite South African City? Stellenbosch.

Favourite US people? Those who live in "fly over" country - the real genuine Americans.

Favourite South African people? Afrikaners, followed by country Zulus.

After a short military career (British Army) where he was seconded to NATO in one of their minor security divisions in Paris, where he spent three years, he was then posted to the War Office in Mayfair.

On his release he studied for his Chartered Secretary examinations but found he was good at negotiating and sales so, during his third year finals he left his studies and never looked back. Salesman, Sales Manager, Sales Director and then CEO of his own business.

The knowledge he gained as a CIS student, however, has proved invaluable in business, such as studying prospect company's balance sheets and even for his own investments!

in 1977 he purchased a micro computer, saw this was going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread, so then took a year off to teach himself all about micro computers. Including programming. Then a Computer Shop, and than as a computer Consultant.

After "retiring" at 60, he became bored and went into freelance journalism in the IT field. And got paid for playing with men's toys! (Gadgets to you!)

Now, in his eightieth year, he is bored again, and looking for another interest. Apart from writing, articles of course. Maybe that novel he's been promising to write?

Mrs Ampers

Footnote: He's now started a website design business!