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Updated 11th July

Educated in South Africa to Standard 5 (Age 15) in Afrikaans kosskool (boarding school). My second language was Zulu (which I have now lost) and by the time I was 15 I could speak passable English.

I read my first full length novel without pictures at age 6 and from seven started studying world history in my spare time. At the age of 13 I wrote an essay on sharing power with blacks by suggesting only matric holders could vote and to educate blacks to matric standard so in three of four decades it would be 50:50 and the two races would be happy to work together. I was caned in front of the whole school! Now I see I was right!

To cut a long story short, from 14 I dived for fake mother of pearl shells and sold them down in the docks to tourists from the ocean going liners. I also worked on the deep sea fishing trawlers in holidays. At 15 I had enough money so I left school, divorced my parents, and came to England on the Winchester Castle. I worked for a year and then got a three year visa to the USA in the mid to late fifties, in the heyday of Bill Haley, The Platters, The Inkspots etc, and bummed around the whole of the USA, washing dishes, washing cars, serving food etc. I returned to England at the end of my three years and joined the British Army - in those days it was the best way to get a British passport. I was posted to Paris (NATO) after my training for a three year stint.

When I came out of the Army, I worked for six months as a private dick for Eagle Investigations (James Street, near Selfridges) and then went into sales where I had an aptitude and was soon promoted to Sales Manager. After I was a Sales Director I started my own business and after three years was offered a handsome sum, and realised people didn't like starting businesses, so I repeated this four more times and retired at 40. Then the first micro computer came out, I bought one and after then there was no holding me back. Shop, then consultant, and retired again at 65. Five years later, I was bored out of my mind so came back as a technical journalist and retired again at 73.

I am now 81 - and I'm bored!

IThis link will describe Afrikaners!

Favourite US City? San Diego.

Favourite South African City? Stellenbosch.

Favourite US people? Those who live in "fly over" country - the real genuine Americans.

Favourite South African people? Afrikaners, followed by country Zulus.

Two or three sayings which have made an impact on my life.