Privacy Policy

1. Our purpose

We create apps and game to entertain you and our purpose is to create a great experience. We want to make your life easier. We would like your usage of our applications to be safe and secure and to achieve this purpose, we created this Private Policy and would like you to go through all the points and get yourself acquainted with the way we operate.

2. Information collection of our apps

Our applications are not designed to collect any information, no matter if they are personal or non-personal. All permissions that you are complying with are for application performance. We would like to assure you that this private information of yours will not be used in any other way, we will not forward it to third parties nor misuse it. There is an option for our partners to present interest-based ads on your device. Once you start using our applications you are giving consent to the usage of your data by third parties. We are not responsible for the content which is displayed in the targeted ads, nor for the actions of those people or companies.

3. How do third parties obtain your information?

By using our Services you might also use third party Services, like for example of Facebook and ads. We use Facebook to post on the wall comments and this function is transparently done by Facebook through their API so we do not collect your  information. We also use personalized ads in our free applications, to do so, ad companies collect you geolocalization place to know where are you to show you personalized ads.

4. Sharing your content on Social Networks and other Portals

Some of our applications have the option of sharing information like pictures or text on Facebook, Whatsapp and so on but this process has to be started by the user, we do not share anything without your consent, we give you the option to do it but the only one who could do it is the user of our application.

5. Our partners and their usage of information

Since we are striving to provide you with free applications we are cooperating with several partners. It is not our goal to gather any private information about you, but we are not responsible for the actions of our partners and this is why you should go through the Privacy Policies of each of them. Review the list that is presented bellow and familiarize yourself with the way they work.

- Google Admob
- StartApp:
- Amazon:

Bear in mind that this list can undergo some changes due to adding some more partners or alternating the existing ones. You should revise it from time to time and keep yourself up to date.

6. Recording

Some of our apps ask for recording permissions, these apps record your voice to change it and generate funny voices, this will generate temporal record of your voice which is stored in your device and it is deleted by the app. These voice records are not sent to anybody, they are for temporal use of the app and they are listened only by you.

7. The safety of children

We highly recommend to supervise children when they are using internet. Currently the internet is a place where you can upload all kind of information like photos personal information like name, address, phone e-mail ansd so on. Children’s safety is what we are concerned with the most and would recommend you to monitor your child’s usage of applications.

Since we haven’t constructed our applications to extract information from any of our users, it also applies to kids. No data will be gathered from the youngest ones and you could be sure that they are safe with us.

8. General information about privacy

The privacy of our customers matters. In this document we will describe the way your personal and non-personal information are approached. We want to be transparent to you and to give you an insight in the way we handle your privacy. By using our Services you consent to the practices set out in this Policy.

It is our desire to protect your privacy. The confidentiality of your information is extremely important to us and it is advisable not to share data which are regarded as Sensitive Private Information. What are those pieces of information? When we say Sensitive Information we mean your name, age, date of birth, racial or ethnic origin, religious and other beliefs, information which expresses your political opinion or membership in past organizations.

We worry about the security of your personal and non-personal information. Nevertheless, third parties, who are eligible to provide you with interest-based data, might collect information about you and we are not responsible for their actions. A possibility for them to obtain pieces of information in question is present, and you should be aware of that.

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Please be notified that this Privacy Policy is a subject to change regarding of updating at some point in the future. We advise you to revise it from time to time so you would always be up to date with our private practice.

10. How to contact us?

All concerns or questions that you might have regarding to this Privacy Policy you can express by contacting us on the following e-mail: