Time: 09:00 - 18:00

Location: April 17, 1050 Sherbrooke Street West

9:00: Opening Session – AMOST program chairs

What are the current advances in Model Based Testing?
A reflection from a research and an industrial perspective

Sigrid Eldh and Johan Oudinet

9:30--10:30: Keynote - Alexandre Petrenko, CRIM, Canada

Myths and Facts in MBT
In this talk, we discuss the current research in Model-Based Testing in general and several personal observations about it in particular.
Our focus is on those aspects which cause discordant opinions and lead some researchers to take different positions.
Motivated by the observation that the two MBT communities on testing, from IOTS and from FSM, evolve mostly in isolation from each other,
we consider these two basic models and try to confront IOTS and FSM testing approaches.
At the same time, we also indicate their commonalities which seem to be often overlooked.
We conclude by pointing to several open problems in MBT research.

Coffee break

11--12:30: Session 1 - From Models to Runtime Execution

A Runtime Monitoring Framework for Event Streams with Non-Primitive Arguments
Jérôme Calvar, Raphaël Tremblay-Lessard and Sylvain Hallé

Grammar-Based Testing using Realistic Domains in PHP
Ivan Enderlin, Frederic Dadeau, Alain Giorgetti and Fabrice Bouquet

Lunch break

14--15:30: Session 2 - Industrial Challenges

From AUTOSAR Models to Co-Simulation for MiL-Testing in the Automotive Domain
Marcus Mews, Jaroslav Svacina and Stephan Weissleder

An extended LLRP model for RFID system test and diagnosis
Rafik Kheddam, Oum-El-Kheir Aktouf and Ioannis Parissis

Coffee break

16--17:30: Session 3 - Test Case Generation

Test Sequence Generation from Classification Trees
Peter M. Kruse and Joachim Wegener

Experimental Comparison of Test Case Generation Methods for Finite State Machines
André Takeshi Endo and Adenilso Simao

17:30: Closing Session

Sigrid Eldh and Johan Oudinet