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Amos Aharoni is well known as a highly rated Israeli entrepreneur with a wide array of expertise in the management of International companies. In addition, Amos Aharoni has much experience in international investments, developing and initiating financial solutions to business worldwide.

Amos Aharoni is a graduate in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. There he also served as the Chairman of the University's student council. In addition, he holds an M.B.A in Political Science from the University of Tel Aviv.

During the 1970's Amos Aharoni established an array of financial businesses in Jerusalem. By the late 1970's and early 80's He was very well known in the Jerusalem Society and even served for one year as the chairman of Betar Jerusaelm, the most popular soccer team in Israel. In 1985, as result of Israel’s economic turnover he was compelled to shut down his businesses in Jerusalem and moved with his family to New York City.

In 1987, Amos Aharoni established Actrade Financial Technologies Ltd which specialized in international business funding. He was the CEO and Chairman of Actrade Ltd for 13 years. Under his leadership, the company flourished, undergoing a technological and business transformation and thus changed into a public company which was listed in the NASDAQ stock exchange valued at 400 million US dollars.
Since the early 1990s, Amos Aharoni recognized the hidden potential which the internet had for increasing business profitability. Correspondingly, the company established itself as one of the first businesses to offer online financial services on the web. In 1995, Amos Aharoni developed a financial method called E-Tad Program.  This method, which was recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as an invention, improved dramatically the company's economic activities by implementing online financial transactions via future-dated payment options.

Towards the end of the year 2000, after 15 years in New York, Amos Aharoni decided to come back to Israel. He resigned from his managerial position in Actrade Ltd and moved to Tel Aviv with his family.

During the last years, Amos Aharoni business interests focus on private investments in international projects. He is not a director or a major shareholder of any publicly traded companies and has become more involved in social and community activities.

In Amos Aharoni’s vision, it is essential for the future of the Israeli society to know how to cultivate, cherish and train human capital leading the political processes of the country. The Amos Aharoni Prime Ministers Collection is a reflection of how this vision can be expressed through the arts.