the most recent site updates here!! 


Caught up with Iron Man postings - updated Sentinel and posted tell your mother it wasn't i.


Added iterative development and Breaking It Up to Iron Man.


Iron Man gets its own page. Added The Priming Game and Part VII of Sentinel.


Revamped page for Sentinel, and added part six.

Added three Iron Man pieces to fannish essays.


Added part five to Sentinel, an Iron Man fic.

Added Tony Stark Seeks Help, Finally, an Iron Man fic.


Added part four to Sentinel, an Iron Man fic.


Added part three to Sentinel, an Iron Man fic.


Added part two to Sentinel, an Iron Man fic.

Added Well Heeled, an Iron Man fic, to Fandom Experiments.


Added Sentinel, an Iron Man movieverse fic, to Fandom Experiments.


Added In the Light of Day (The Scorched Coffee Remix) to Highlander fic.


omg, wrote RPF. What's the world coming to? Added Hovering at the Gate to Fandom Experiments.

finally posted more Staring at the Sun. About time, huh? Part nineteen is still in progress, but what I have is up.

also added Note to Self: Things Not to Discuss, Ever, a Miami Vice drabble.


Added "Don't Come A Knocking," A Miami Vice drabble, to Miami Vice Fic. 


Added to Lodge Drabbles and changed the title to Bardo.


Added Lodge Drabbles to Fandom Experiments.

Added Alternative Twin Peaks scripts to Fandom Experiments.


Added ACT FOUR to Episode 3.01 - a Twin Peaks alternative season script.


Added the last part of the essay What about BOB? - part VII: The evil that men do and the continuing story.

Added ACT THREE to Episode 3.01 - a Twin Peaks alternative season script.


Added Part VI: Blind to the abstraction in human form to the essay What About BOB?


Happy New Year! Can't believe it's 2008. Added the Recaps page, started filling in the individual recaps...

Added part V: Oedipus and the question of why Leland Palmer killed to the essay What About BOB?

Added Bibliography to What About BOB?


Added Episode 3.01, in which I translate one episode of a re-written version of Twin Peaks into screenplay format. 



Added part IV: Face to face to fannish essay, What About BOB?

Finished the Recs page. Phew. I hope I caught them all. I know I'll be adding to it as time allows.



Added part III: Abiding in that state to fannish essay, What About BOB?



Added part II: Speaking in Tongues to fannish essay, What About BOB?

Finally completed the Reviews section of Reviews, Recs and Recaps


Added Les vagues de l'oubli, new Highlander fic and my first posted attempt at slash, to the Highlander Fic page.



Added first section of a new fannish essay, What About BOB?: guilt, the "clear light" and the nature of myth in Twin Peaks : a response



 Added The Void and the Cloudless Sky, my first Twin Peaks fic, to the fandom experiments page.

Started building space for new fannish essay, What about BOB?