amonitrate's Miami Vice Fiction

The eighties live on.  In the air tonight...


  Mercy Street

    A series of glimpses into the life of Caroline Crockett and her relationship with Sonny over the years.

    Night Watch 

        pre-series. Caroline and Sonny and the aftermath of Vietnam.

    Until Darkness Comes

        post-Deliver Us From Evil, season 4. Caroline gets a call in the night.

    Hold the Line

        Takes place during Mirror Image. Caroline gets an unexpected visitor.

    Darkness Take My Sight

        post-Mirror Image. Everything Tubbs had tried to tell her was true. 


  And in the afterwards...

    Post-Redemption in Blood fic. There are tests and then there are tests. Sonny and Rico struggle with the                 aftermath of Sonny's jaunt as Burnett. Slight AU from Season 5; set in the same universe as the Mercy Street         series.




  Staring at the Sun

   It's the first year of Sonny and Rico's partnership, and a routine undercover meet goes bad. Warnings for                 violence, occasionally more brutal than the typical episode. A multipart WIP, last updated 7-15-07

stand alones and drabbles


        Post-Milk Run fic. Rico picks up the pieces.


        Crockett & Tubbs run into a nasty surprise. short fic.

        Don't Come A Knocking

        Trudy breaks some surprising news to Gina. drabble. 

    Note to Self: Things Not to Discuss, Ever   NEW!

        Stan Switek makes a list. drabble.