Iron Man


       Sentinel  Updated May 2009

        Tony's yearly threat to put on his own Independence Day show had felt perfunctory, and she still wasn’t                 sure whether that worried her or not. Tony, Pepper and Rhodes negotiate the fallout of Afghanistan. WIP.

        Well Heeled   

          Tony doesn't apologize. He never does.

        The Priming Game

        Rhodey wonders if from now on it's going to be Tony Before and Tony After.  A missing scene of gigantic                    proportions, between Tony's rescue and landing in California.

        Tony Stark Seeks Help, Finally  

          Crackfic crossover with Grosse Pointe Blank. Humor. Drabble

       Breaking It Up

        Later, in another lifetime, she'll recognize the look in his eyes. She'll be able to read what's underneath the           naked desire. Now, though, the desire is all she sees.  Something of an AU.  NC-17

    iterative development

         building a process that works, then making it work better, then making it work better, then making it                         work better...    Tony, in and out of the cave.

     tell your mother it wasn't i 

 At first Rhodey thinks it's a toy. Halloween fic.

     Cheeseburger First  NEW! August 2009

Three months. No cheeseburgers in sight. Happy drives Tony home, with detours.