amonitrate's Highlander Fiction

Methos-centric fiction based on Highlander: the Series



    Methos mourns Alexa. A series of related stories centering around love and grief and carrying on. Mostly Gen.

    With a new verse the ancient rhyme  

        Death happens every day. But even for an Immortal, it's never easy, and it's never the same.

    The Heart of Light

        A funeral. Methos isn't at his best. Joe and Amanda pretend not to notice.

    Interlude one: How the Light Gets In

        Alexa and Adam in a happier light.

    Death and the Raven

      Amanda calls on Methos and finds him... occupied.

    Interlude two: The Unnameable

        Grief can be a heavy thing. Sometimes it's easier to bear anonymously. 

    Rose of Memory 

        Joe struggles with how to comfort a man 100 times his age. Inevitably, it involves Scotch.


Occam's Razor 

    Everyone writes a post-Horsemen fic. This is mine. 

    A series of related pieces centering around the events at Bordeaux. Gen.

    The Wine of Wrath

        Kronos enjoys the game. He's waited a long time. 

           Of course, it's more fun when the stewardess brings you anything you want to drink.


        Methos deals with his anger. Badly.

     The Last Enemy

        Joe's friend Adam returns to Seacouver, but who is he really? What's got MacLeod's panties in a wad? 

          And how the hell does Joe end up in these situations?

 stand alones, drabbles, and snippets


        post-One Minute to Midnight. Methos tries to escape. His thoughts have other ideas.

    Bad Trip
        He lied when he said he'd stood on the same stage as the Rolling Stones. Drabble. 

    How Long a Time

        Methos and words go way back. Drabble. 


         MacLeod stumbles across Methos at the end of the world. Snippet.

    Darkness Stalks

        an X-Files/Highlander crossover for WIP Amnesty 2007. Snippet.

         Stayin Alive 

                sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.

        The Jacket

         a post-HL: the Source crackfic.

        Les vagues de l'oubli 

        Whether his eyes were open or shut all he could see was a blur of stars plummeting to earth.  

       In the Light of Day (The Scorched Coffee Remix) 

         Beware Immortals toting manuscripts. Joe shoulda known better.  For RemixRedux 08

       The Fire-Breather

"Will you just let her tell the story, Methos? Who cares if it's anachronistic?" for hlh_shortcuts 08