amonitrate's fandom experiments

outside my usual haunts 

Twin Peaks

    The Void and the Cloudless Sky  

...for the eight hundredth time Albert wondered what kind of magic dust Cooper sprinkled on the donuts to make  the locals adore him like he was the Law Enforcement Messiah. 

        Albert deals with the aftermath of Leland Palmer's fate.

       Alternative Peaks

        a series of screenplays based on the work of two posters over at the message boards, who have                re-written season 2 based on a 14-episode season. Intriguing take. I merely translated their work into                       screenplay format in order to get some practice in the art.  


        A series of 100 word snippets taking place in the Red Room.


    The Lover's Curse

     It all started because Kaylee was in love. Humor.


    Hovering at the Gate

    Adam is a puzzle Edge doubts he'll ever decipher.  

Battlestar Galactica (2003)

    Wrath of the Huntress

        Kara Thrace, caught in a cage, praying to Artemis. Spoilers for season 3.0


Lymond Chronicles

    Fragments of a WIP

        Lymond's opposition of Margaret Lennox's machinations puts the ones he loves, as well as his own life and             sanity, at risk. post-Checkmate.

    De profundis

         Sybilla mourns. Vague Checkmate spoilers.


Mishmash of insanity

    Icon Pairings Challenge  

        HL/X-Files; Miami Vice/Firefly; Firefly/Angel; BSG/Royal Tannenbaums; BSG/Miami Vice
        Drabbles based on a challenge that matched up icons alphabetically. Whackiness ensues.