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Among mobile projects there are those that no one needs and never. There are high-budget games in which publishers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising. And there are nasty ducklings that were initially not needed by anyone and even abandoned, but then, by an incomprehensible coincidence, they became incredibly popular.

Such games are most interesting, if only because they have received their audience, contrary to logic and common sense. In today's review, we have the brightest representative of the 2020 mobile world - Among Us game.

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What is the game about and how to play among us online free?

Astronauts gathered on the spacecraft, among whom are a traitor or traitors. The game has many parameters that are customizable. Namely: the number of players, the speed of the players, the number of traitors, how many tasks there will be, how long the recharge of the murder lasts, and so on.

The task of the command is to complete all tasks and calculate the traitor. The task of the traitor is to kill the entire team before it is declassified and before the team completes all tasks.

The traitor can sabotage, block access to different rooms, and also spoil the reactor or oxygen generator. The traitor also has the opportunity to hide in the ventilation compartment.

If a team member discovers a corpse, he informs the others about it, and the team begins discussing who was where at that moment. And did anyone see anything. As a result, a collective decision is made to kill someone from the team who is most suspected by the public. Guessed - well done, not guessed - we play further.

If you are killed by a traitor or undeservedly killed by team members, you turn into a ghost who can continue to perform tasks in the name of general victory. The ghost moves faster and passes through the walls. The funny thing is to follow the traitor, being a ghost, since living players do not see ghosts. And ghosts see everyone, and other ghosts.