Technical Talks

Supernova neutrino oscillations: probing neutrino-neutrino interactions in dense media
International Workshop on Frontiers in Electroweak Interactions of Leptons and Hadrons,  Aligarh Muslim University, Nov 2016

Pauli's messengers: looking at the sky in neutrinos
Astronomical Society of India Meeting, Kashmir University, Srinagar, May 2016

Astroparticle physics of neutrinos: Nobel 2015 and beyond
Indian Association for Cultivation of Sciences, Kolkata, Dec 2015

Physics potential of INO-ICAL

Workshop on neutrino programs with facilities in Japan, Aug 2015

Flavour data and new physics: hints and constraints

DAE-HEP Symposium, IIT Guwahati, Dec 2014

Neutrino detectors and the physics they teach us
SYMPHY, IIT Bombay, Apr 2014
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