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Recent Highlights

New effects of non-standard self-interactions of neutrinos in a supernova
Arxiv:1705.00468 [hep-ph]JCAP 1705 (2017) 051

Here we show that collective oscillations can take place without a ``spectral crossing", and hence even during the neutronization burst, in the presence of non-standard neutrino self-interactions.

Neutrino mixing and R_K anomaly in U(1)_X models: a bottom-up approach

ArXiv:1701.05825 [hep-ph],
JHEP 1703 (2017) 117

Here we onstruct a class of lepton flavour violating models in a bottom-up approach, to simultaneously account for the neutrino mixing pattern as well as anomalies in the flavour physics data.


Physics potential of the ICAL detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)
ArXiv:1505.07380 [physics.ins-det]Pramana J. Physics 88 (2017) 79

A compilation of simulation results that determine the physics reach of the iron calorimeter detector at INO for various quantities of interest

The list of all my papers may be found at the INSPIRE datebase.