Popular Science

Talks for anyone interested in science:

Goodbye, Mr. Kilogram
(Changing definitions of SI units like kilogram)
Going underground to look at the sky
(Neutrinos and why we need to go underground to see them)

India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO):
Science, Technology, and Opportunities
Indian Science Congress, Tirupati, Jan 2017
(Panel discussion)

How fast is the fastest ?
(How to measure the speed of light)

Chai and Why, Ruparel College, Mumbai
 (with Arnab Bhattacharya)
The largest, the smallest, and us
(Different length scales in nature)
Mumbai Local, Junoon
Fantasy and Science Fiction
Times LitFest Mumbai meets Chai and Why
How electron got its mass
(Nobel prize in physics 2013)
The world of particle physics and TIFR
(a tri-lingual talk for Founder's Day)
Discovery of the Higgs boson: before, during, and after
  More popular-level talks...
Some articles:
  • The Sun and I, random musings, TIFR Students' Society magazine Crescendo, 2012

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