Welcome Educators!

 The American Museum of Natural History opens a world of educational opportunities
 for various grade levels!  This museum is home to many different exhibits
that touch upon a variety of cultures.  Here, children are able to experience cultures
 they are not familiar with and further their education about worldwide diversity.

This site has been created to assist parents and educators who may want to plan a visit to the AMNH.
We have included some important components that will assist you in planning
a successful and fun-filled adventure at the museum.

During this field trip students will be given the opportunity to reinforce self-love and knowledge of their own cultures.
They will be exposed to numerous detailed facts about their own backgrounds of origin,
which will hopefully create an internal appreciation of themselves.
This museum experience will also create a respect for others, by exposing students to unfamiliar cultures.
They will have the chance to get an in depth look at cultures of their classmates and others in general.
Additionally, this field trip to the AMNH will raise awareness of the multicultural society we live in today.
Students will learn about cultures around the world,
which they can share with others to increase awareness of social justice for all individuals.


Helpful Links to enhance your field trip:
 Click here to visit the AMNH Education webpage! 
This page is full of information about programs and activities for your class
 to participate in related to the halls in the museum.
Click here to visit the AMNH kid friendly webpage!
This is a great page for your students to explore before the field trip date!
Created by: Amanda Daly, Kammie Phillips and Megan Sullivan