Tips For Keeping A Clean House

tips for keeping a clean house
    clean house
  • houseclean: clean and tidy up the house; "She housecleans every week"
  • Clean House is a home makeover and interior design television show, originally broadcast in 2003 which has aired 9 seasons of programs on the Style Network. Hosted by Niecy Nash, the show brings a four-person cleanup-and-renovation crew to the homes of families to clean up clutter.
  • The following is an episode list for the MTV animated television series Beavis and Butt-head. The series has its roots in 1992 when Mike Judge created two animated shorts - "Frog Baseball" and "Peace, Love & Understanding" - which were later aired on Liquid Television.
  • conformity or harmony; "his behavior was not in keeping with the occasion"
  • retention: the act of retaining something
  • guardianship: the responsibility of a guardian or keeper; "he left his car in my keeping"
  • The action of owning, maintaining, or protecting something
  • (tip) the extreme end of something; especially something pointed
  • Predict as likely to win or achieve something
  • (tip) gratuity: a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
  • Give (someone) a sum of money as a way of rewarding them for their services
  • (tip) cause to tilt; "tip the screen upward"
tips for keeping a clean house - The Pixie
The Pixie Solution: Tips on Relationships, Sex, Death, and Keeping the House Clean
The Pixie Solution: Tips on Relationships, Sex, Death, and Keeping the House Clean
With her playful blend of creative curiosity, insightful clarity, and deep love of humans, Pixie (aka HeatherAsh) concocts a tasty blend of word soup to nourish your heart and soul and feed your internal bank-of-love account, even in the most difficult of times. The Pixie Solution shares nuggets of kick-butt wisdom that will gently guide you to: * Thoroughly enjoy clearing obstacles from your path * Creatively detangle all your relationships * Happily stoke your inner fire and passion * Honestly embrace death as your bestest friend * Effortlessly clear out the gunk of your past AND keep your house blissfully clean The Pixie Solution blends the unconditional love of your favorite childhood teddy bear with a few bolts of clarifying lightning that illuminates and shatters old structures and stuck places.

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"There we go. You may spit now."
"There we go. You may spit now."
As usual, I was behind the wheel of my PowerBook shortly after waking. And as usual for the past couple of days, the "R" key simply wasn't pulling with the team. I got out my little drawer of dental tools, chose an implement designed in 1968 specifically for the extraction of PowerBook keycaps, popped the "R"... And... Er... It looked pretty freaking gross under there. I popped some adjacent keys just to see how far the mess went. And before I knew it, I'd performed a complete QWERTY resection. Friends, it looked like a crime scene. Bad actors and actresses armed with green lasers soon set up shop and shot a few stilted scenes from an upcoming episode of CSI. The keybed was full of forensic evidence: arm hairs, eyebrow hairs, beard clippings, sideburn hairs...suffice to say that the whole menagerie from the neck up and the elbows down was duly represented. I even found a lonnnnnng hair from my head, which by some ungodly process had insinuated itself inside and wrapped around several keys, like a tapeworm or something, I was also reminded of all of the meals and snacks I've eaten in front of this keyboard, and the fact that Lilith 7 is nearly three years old. "Aha," I thought. "Perhaps this is why I've been having regular keyboard problems for the past few months." Yes, I took a picture of the complete horror show. I have seen it on my screen at full resolution. After some thought and consultation with an interdenominal panel of area clergymen, I've concluded that the most ethical choice is to not post it. But here's the "After" picture. I popped the keycaps, I used dental tools and tweezers to remove all the visible hairs and crumbs and cruft, then I swabbed the decks with Q-Tips and a magical cleaning solution that cuts through the grime and gunk and yet is perfectly safe for use on electronics. I can't divulge the secret recipe, but if you have lots of hydrogen and oxygen around the house, you're well on your way. Then I used the middle tool to carefully pop each of those white scissor-hinges. And one by one, I'd scrape, tease, tweeze, and swab underneath. I was at this for hours. Ultimately, I extracted enough material to make either a large cat toy or a small cat. After putting everything back together again, the keyboard sure felt better but the "R" was still a little weird and the "I" -- which gave me plenty of guff last month -- had joined it on the Being A Great Big Jerk And Not Helping Andy Even A Little Tiny Bit list. Damn, damn, damn. Maybe there's something underneath the keybed layer. Maybe it's just a nipple problem. About a half-dozen of them were loose and they're damned-near impossible to reinstall properly. Lilith 7 is indeed nearing its retirement age -- the DVD burner gave up the ghost last year and after Microsoft Office is released as a universal binary, PowerPC Macs will find it harder and harder to keep up -- but I'm hoping to keep it on the payroll until the next Macworld Expo. But it's not easy to keep Lilith going. The Powerbook is a terrific design; it's just that it was never designed for easy repairs. Even just replacing the hard drive was a freaking nightmare. Swapping out the keyboard looks to be damned-near impossible. Even if I can find someone More Clever Than I to do it for me, $300 or so for the new part plus reasonable labor is probably way too much to spend on an employee who (very rightly) spends most of its time telling fellow staffmembers about the cabin cruiser it's going to buy and how it's going to spend its first four months away from the day-to-day grind. Nothing gold can stay, Ponyboy...
boutique hotel marrakech,cool riad by black zitoun:riad dar najat!in the heart of marrakech's medina five minutes walk from jemaa el fna
boutique hotel marrakech,cool riad by black zitoun:riad dar najat!in the heart of marrakech's medina five minutes walk from jemaa el fna
accomodations marrakech,riad dar najat for sun&fun&ammusic&friends in the coolest ryad in town! This was the first place we stayed at in Morocco and it was fantastic! The sights, sounds, smells and other worldness of (the) Marrakech (medina) can be quite overwhelming at first so this was a great place to come home to. Olivier, the owner, was very helpful in giving us tips, arranging anything we needed (including the airport transfer and a spectacular tour into the atlas mountains), and spoke great english which definitely comes in handy when your french isnt so great. The place itself was beautiful, tranquil, clean and had a perfect roof terrace with a lounge and plungepool to cool off in with a beer after a sweltering day. The rooms have been decorated beautifully and lovingly, have a/c, are quiet (unless the lounge music is switched on upstairs, which could be slightly annoying to some when too loud. they will switch it off at request though) and the beds and shower are good. Do keep in mind that it's not uncommon for riads to have doors without locks on the rooms. There wasnt a moment we felt unsafe though as al the staff seemed very trustworthy (and very very friendly). The breakfast was served on the roof terrace every morning and was a rich mixture of pastries, local pancakes, baguette, fried eggs and fruits. The riad serves dinner too which we didnt make use of but appearantly was very good. The location of the Dar Najat is ideal. It's in a nice and quiet part of the old medina, about a 5 minute walk to the Djemaa el Fna (which a staffmember showed us on the first day). Also, its around the corner of a little square to which cars can get. This comes in handy when arriving/leaving with your luggage and the same for tours by car/4x4 or arranging a taxi. All said and done, and in comparison to other riads we stayed in during our two week trip, this was a definate highlight which I would very much recommend.

tips for keeping a clean house
tips for keeping a clean house
Clean Like a Man: Housekeeping for Men (and the Women Who Love Them)
Most men have a problem with cleaning house: They don't konw how to do it, and they don't particularly want to learn. The results are usually a messy house or a bitter spouse or both. Clean Like a Man is the solution. Written specifically for the attention-challenged and motivation-impaired male, it's the first and only housekeeping primer that tells men how to clean the house their way: getting everything done quickly and easily, without getting to Felix Unger about it. It's such a great approach to housekeeping that women will love it too.

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