Cleaning Coffee Pot

cleaning coffee pot
    coffee pot
  • A coffee pot is a kitchen implement; a cooking pot in the kettle family. A coffee pot is also a container to hold freshly brewed coffee. There are many types and styles.
  • A covered container with a spout, in which coffee is made or served
  • The Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania is an example of novelty architecture. The lunch stand was built in the shape of a coffee pot by David Koontz in 1927. It was threatened with demolition in the 1990's, but in 2004 was moved across the street and restored.
  • The Coffee Pot is a historic roadhouse listed on the National Register of Historic Places located in the Grandin Court neighborhood of the independent city of Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A..
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cleaning coffee pot - Urnex Cleancaf
Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Cleaner and Descaler 3 Pack
Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Cleaner and Descaler 3 Pack
Cleancaf® Brand Cleaner and Descaler is an essential component to maintaining great tasting coffee at home. Cleancaf® is designed to remove flavor-tainting stale coffee oil residue from home machines. Its dual action formula also prevents the accumulation of scale deposits which are responsible for slow brew times and machine malfunctions. Portion packaged for easy use, Cleancaf® also contains a blue-dye which helps to ensure proper rinsing. Directions: 1.Dissolve contents of Cleancaf® package in 1L of warm water. Pour into water reservoir. Put empty pot and filter basket in place. For espresso machines attach handle and place an empty container below. 2.Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle. For espresso machines, also allow several ounces of Cleancaf® solution to flow through steam pipe (into a container to avoid spray.) Discard entire solution once it has passed through your machine. 3.Rinse all components and repeat steps 1 and 2 twice with clean water only. Espresso machines remove handle. You may soak handle and filters in Cleancaf® solution then rinse all components with clean water

81% (9)
Clean Filter
Clean Filter
Some particles remain in the holes, but they don't affect the coffee negatively. One thing I could (possibly should) be more careful with is to clean the rubber gasket. I occasionally get coffee that will escape from the pot at the junction of the top and bottom part if the gasket doesn't make a proper seal. Though the pot may smell burnt, the resulting coffee is usually quite good on those occasions, partly because it's more concentrated.
In the pot
In the pot
I've been going through all my pictures today. I'm being very ruthless and getting shot of lots before they are backed up onto a hard drive and then removed from the PC with the intention of starting with a clean slate. I took this one about two years ago and was surprised I hadnt uploaded it to Flickr already. ;-)

cleaning coffee pot
cleaning coffee pot
Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Percolator
Russell Hobbs Classic Table Ware 50124 266

Sleek and contemporary, this gleaming percolator brews from four to eight cups of coffee on the stovetop for full, old-fashioned flavor. A permanent filter basket (no messy paper filters needed) provides modern efficiency. The handle is synthetic (to stay cool) and slightly textured, a combination ensuring safe, comfortable pouring. Because the percolator is made of highly polished 18/10 stainless steel, the beauty of its gleaming mirror finish is long-lasting. To fully maintain the finish, the percolator should be hand washed, although the filter basket and glass cap can go into the dishwasher. The percolator stands 8-1/2 inches high on a 6-1/4-inch-diameter base. --Fred Brack

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