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The workshop "Natural Experiments and Controlled Field Studies"

(also "AmmerseeWorkshop") brings leading international researchers and in particular junior researchers together for a weekend in the Bavarian Alps. Its focus is on using natural experiments, structural empirical approaches, or controlled field studies to achieve credible identification of causal relationships in economic research This year's edition takes place June 14 -16, 2019 at Hotel Alpenblick, Ohlstadt.

The workshop is sponsored by the Economics Departments of the Universities of Cologne, Heidelberg, Munich, and Ulm, the DFG Research Unit „Design & Behavior“, the Collaborative Research Center Transregio (CRC TRR 190) "Rationality and Competition“ and the Economics Graduate Schools in Cologne and Munich. It is organized by Florian Englmaier, Christina Gathmann, Georg Gebhardt, Susanne Prantl, Dirk Sliwka, Fabian Waldinger and Joachim Winter.

In the past, the Fritz-Thyssen Stiftung and the SFB/TR-15 have provided very valuable support.