Analysing and Mining Large Graphs and Networks : Algorithms and Performance
19 May 2014
Hôtel Dupanloup
Orléans (France)

Hotel Dupanloup

Aims and scope:

Graphs and networks have been studied for a long time in many domains of computer science since they are suitable to model irregular problems. For example, they are widely used in computational science to run simulations on river networks, bloodstream or vehicular traffic but they also are used to model and analyse interactions between people like in social networks. With the improvements of data capturing, the accuracy of mathematical models and the growth of social networks, all the domains where they are used, require to compute on increasingly large graphs and networks.

The object of AMLaGAP is to bring together researchers on various domains using large graphs and networks to exchange ideas on the recent advances to compute and mine such data structures but also on current locks they encounter. AMLaGAP invites the submission of presentations on all topics including (but not limited to) the following aspects of large graph and networks:

  • Parallel algorithms for large graphs
  • Social network analysis
  • Data mining in large graphs
  • Exploration and visualization of large graphs
  • Scientific simulation using large graphs
  • Programming models and tools for large graphs

Invited speakers:

Rob Bisseling (Utrecht University)                     Big graphs for big data: parallel matching and clustering on billion-vertex graphs

Jean-François Boulicaut (LIRIS, INSA Lyon)   Quelques domaines de motifs pour la fouille sous contraintes de graphes enrichis

Rushed Kawanati (LIPN, Paris 13)                   Seed-centric algorithms for high performance community detection in complex networks

Program committee:

Rob Bisseling (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

Zhenjiang Hu (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)

Sébastien Limet (University of Orléans, France)

Frédéric Loulergue (University of Orléans, France)

Antony Perez (University of Orléans, France)

Christel Vrain  (University of Orléans, France)

Presentation submission:

Submitted talks can be original, ongoing work or recently published work. Submission should include a cover page with authors' names, affiliation addresses, fax numbers, phone numbers, and email addresses and an abstract.  Only PDF files will be accepted.  Due to limited number of slots, proposals will be evaluated on their scientific quality and their adequacy to the topics of workshop. Authors will be notify one week after their submission. 

Authors of original work will be invited to submit a full paper for a special issue of the electronic journal Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience

Important dates:

Paper submissions        Sun. 4 May 2014
Registration                    Thu. 15 May 2014  registration is free but obligatory (here).

AMLaGAP workshop     Mon. 19 May 2014