I've always been a bit of a technophile, and I am currently interested in the Android operating system for mobile phones and tablet computers. I bought the HTC Dream almost as soon as it was available, and soon hacked it and upgraded the operating system to CyanogenMod, which I followed faithfully. I later purchased a second-hand Google Nexus One, which I have also upgraded to the latest version of CyanogenMod

I have started to play around with developing software for this platform, which is free and (relatively) easy, thanks to tools such as the Eclipse IDE, and the Android SDK.

I am currently writing a program which reads the device's accelerometer and magnetic field sensor to determine the magnetic field vector at that location, and also retrieves the geographic coordinates from the GPS.  I plan to have it optionally upload the data to an on-line database.  Feel free to download and install it from the Android Market, or use the QR code below - but please be aware that it is a work in progress, and comes with absolutely no warranties of any kind!

I recently (October 2011) found myself in need of a DTMF tone generator, and to my surprise, could not find an app for my phone that would generate a continuous tone while the key was pressed.  The ones I found would generate a fixed length tone once the key had been pressed and released.  So, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.  A few hours later, I had what I wanted.  If you want it, you can have it too.  Either go to the Android Market, and search for com.amknott.ToneGen, or use the QR code below.  As with the DroidMagnet app, there are no warranties.

UPDATE November 22/2011: WOW! My DTMF Tone Generator app has 100 downloads!
UPDATE December 9/2011: DTMF Tone Generator has passed 200 downloads.
UPDATE December 27/2011: DTMF Tone Generator has passed 300 downloads.
UPDATE January 19/2012: DTMF Tone Generator has passed 500 downloads (400 sometime in late December).

You can get the latest version of my programs using the QR codes below to access them on Android Market.

DroidMagnet ToneGen