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Is There a Future For Juniper House TMO?

If the vote does fail, and there is no great hope that it won't, the Residents' Association which would replace Juniper TMC would not be any less powerful, and might even have more natural allies in the borough than before, and therefore a louder voice. But unless residents were prepared to clear away the dead thinking which has plagued Juniper for over a decade the result would be more decline and a weaker community.

If indeed the oldest housing co-op in Southwark is to fold, it is a great shame, and the blame lies not with a indifferent and lazy residents, as some will claim, but with the centralisation of power in a few hands and the ability that the management-led TMO model gives to that minority to take random, frivolous decisions while not allowing them time to consider the consequences.
It is a reversion to a confrontational 'parliamentary' system - but on a totally inappropriate, microscopic scale, and without the crucial benefit of the committe structure which underpins the Westminster legislative model.
The result is a defensive management which is alienated from the residents, and hopelessly vulnerable to hasty, expensive, counter-productive decisions. As we have seen over the past five years.

 It seems unlikely that Juniper,with its current state of apathy, will vote to retain TMO status when the time comes. In spite of the voting system having recently been adjusted, making the task easier, in theory.

The tiny handful of people now forming a rump management are, unfortunately, going to place themselves under even more pressure which they are neither qualified or trained to bear. So even if the vote goes in favour, if the same people cling on to their posts, and the level of interest does not increase significantly, the likelihood of a viable, accountable administration for Juniper House are as slim as they are now.


 1. Virtually Free Broadband and more.

Juniper House is ideally placed to  share its wireless broadband presence. 

This would make all sorts of sharing possible, but it is a task which should be co-ordinated by management, or rather a dedicated group which would report to management and the general meeting with its findings.

2.  Cheaper energy and more.

 Again, Juniper is a building which would be able to harness a large amount of solar energy from its south and west facing roof space. The energy from this source might be used to pre-heat water in the storage tanks in the roofs, and thereby reduce gas consumption by residents, or used to power the block lights, or any number of uses.

3. More Security and more.

 CCTV footage could be streamed onto this website, or directly into your home.

4. More Information and more. 

Access to co-op records and personal rent accounts via a Juniper website should by now be routine. As should payments. But this is the only website Juniper has. And management refuses even to provide an e-mail address for flat 1, which prejudices against anyone working at the same time as the Juniper office hours.