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Additional 'Useful Links' can be found under the Extra Credit Section.
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BLOG Amity Science Research BLOG 
Science Fair Website CT Science Fair Website 
Amity Link Amity District Home Page 
Amity Link Ms. Day's Moodle Page 
Amity Link Amity STEM Website 
Reference Human Genome Project 
Reference The Grad Study (gentics and reading/dyslexia) 
Amity Link Defined STEM Websource Access to a variety of research topics, articles, videos etc.. 
Reference  University Search Engines 
Reference American Chemical Society Free online publications 
Science Fair Website Technology Student Association HS Engineering and Design Competitions 
Science Fair Website Waterloo Center for Ed in Math and Computing Competitions 
Reference Free Full scientific pdf's Free Scientific pdf's 
Reference Music Cognition U European music references and scientific studies 
Reference NSF Wiki  
Reference Wiley On-Line Publications  
Reference Cogito News and Views Student Research Info 
Reference R&D Magazine Research and Development Mag 
Reference Metric Education Activities  Outreach activities 
Reference Free Trade Magazine subscriptions Free Trade Magazine subscriptions 
Reference Aspiring Docs Website for students 
Science Fair Website NASA Science Fair Prep Video Series  
Reference Genome Wide Data base Genome-wide Atlas of Gene Enhancers in the Brain On-line 
Reference NSF Case Study Reference NSF Case Study Reference 
Reference Protecting Human Participants OHRP Educational Videos - HHR  
Reference Powerpoint Rubric Powerpoint Rubric for class 
Reference JSTOR Journal Article Reference Journal Article Reference 
Reference R & D Daily  Reference Source 
Reference Psych Central Psychological Research Articles 
Reference Scientific Articles, posters, theses Free Scientific Articles - PDF 
Reference Protecting Human Subjects Research Participants Video Protecting Human Subjects Research Participants Video 
Reference Yale Research Centers Listing of Research facilities at Yale 
Reference Official Abstract and Certification Society for Science -- abstract guidelines 
Science Fair Website CT JSHS website CT JSHS Website 
Reference Mendeley Reference Site Free online Journal Article Data Base 
Reference MIT Mayfield Guidelines for Technical Writing MIT Mayfield Guidelines for Technical Writing 
Reference Poster Printing link to the directions for affordable posters on a PVC frame that travel very well. In Florida, they cost $19.99 to print at Staples. Size is 24" x 56" and they are laid out on one PowerPoint slide. 
Amity Link CT JSHS Video Feedback Student Feedback for CT JSHS Video Submission (Peer Review) 
Reference Berkeley Scientific Poster Design Ppt Poster Design ppt 
Reference Yale Scientific Current research at Yale 
Reference Penzu Powerpoint Online Journaling Information 
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