Why Use Our Pet Sitting Or Dog Walking Services?

A vital part of animal's care routines, should involve adequate exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship. When animals aren't provided with these, it can lead to behavioural problems. There're many reasons why owners use our services, which includes:
  • Whilst they're at work
  • Whilst attending appointments
  • Owners struggling with mobility
  • For dogs with separation anxiety
  • To allow their dog to socialise with other suitable dogs
  • To allow their dog to have plenty of exercise and stimulation during the daytime
  • Owners with pets on medication, requiring specialist care and attention

One of the many benefits of using our Daily Home Visiting service, for cats and small pets, is that it allows the animal(s) to continue their normal home routines, and remain in their familiar environment.
 Cats, in particular, are not pack animals, and aren't usually keen on having lots of other cats in their territory (apart from the occasional 'friend', from within their own territory/area)-boarding catteries can be incredibly stressful environments. There are many companies offering a quick 'pop in' or 'feeding service' for cats and smaller animals, but we feel the animals need and deserve more time spent with them, offering more companionship, and time for some mental stimulation.

Our Dog Day Care and Home Boarding services allow a very small group of dogs (all friendly, well socialised, neutered, and vaccinated) to have unlimited exercise during the daytime, and stay in the comfort of a home environment, with 24 hour care always available. We never cage any of the dogs, unless owners request it, and specifically request that their dog sleeps in it at night.

Although by law, as well as on our insurance and license, in our area, we're permitted to walk up to 6 dogs per person, we tend to keep the Small Group Dog Walks to 2-6 dogs in the group (not per person).

How Long Can Dogs Be Left Alone For?
  • Mature dogs (over 18 months of age)-Up to 4 hours at a time during the day, if very necessary.
  • Adolescent dogs (5 - 18 months)-Can very gradually build up to 4 hours at a time during the day.
  • Young puppies (up to 5 months of age)-Should only be left for very short periods during the day, built up gradually.