Small Pet Home Visits

Daily Home Visits are beneficial for all small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and rodents, and involve taking care of your animals and continuing their normal husbandry routines, in your own home, important health checking, as well as offering mental stimulation and companionship, and tailor fitted to suit a variety of needs and requirements. Visits are available in a range of flexible packages, with discounted services for bookings of multiple visits, during the same day. The vast majority of small animals will be far more comfortable remaining in their own, home environment, rather than being in close proximity of unknown animals.

What's Included On Each Visit(where appropriate)
  1. Health checks Inc. checking of rear end
  2. Preparation and provision of fresh food
  3. Provision of fresh drinking water
  4. Giving of treats (as provided by owner)
  5. Basic brushing
  6. Administering of medication
  7. Interactions, to ensure that each animal is mentally stimulated and content
  8. Home security checks
  9. Cleaning of the environment & Home Duties:
  • Rabbit litter trays
  • Food and water bowls/bottles
  • Surfaces
  • Sweeping/hoovering of the floors
  • Watering of indoor plants
  • Collecting/tidying of post
  • Alternating of light switches
  • Opening & closing of curtains/blinds
  • Taking out any rubbish
  • Taking out & bringing in wheelie bins & recycling, etc.
  • Setting a house alarm, if you have one
"Thank you so much to Laura and Luke for taking such good care of our 2 much loved bunnies while we were on holiday. We came home to very contented bunnies complete with there natty nail trims and a very clean hutch area. We will definitely be seeking your wonderful care in the future. I will also be highly recommending you to friends and colleagues. Thank you so much."
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