Pet Taxi

Amity Pet Care's Pet Taxi  services are perfect for owners who are unable to transport their pet to appointments, such as Veterinary, or to the grooming parlour. We will ask the relevant professional (eg, the Vet or Groomer) to provide any feedback, in a written format, to give to you, upon return, or ask them to liaise with you over the phone during the appointment.

Pets are transported in our specialised, professionally fitted car. Cat and small pet owners must provide their own safe, secure plastic pet carriers (carriers must not be cardboard or wicker).

We are fully insured to transport all pets, but our insurance does not cover us to transport any owners-this would require a standard human licence from the council. Owners are welcome to follow in their own vehicle, if required.

We generally only offer this service within the Redhill and Reigate areas of Surrey, but may be able to cover the local surrounding area, depending on our availability.

When making an enquiry, to allow us to calculate your quote, please provide the following information:
  1. The full address of where we're collecting the animal from.
  2. The full address of where we'll be dropping the animal to.
  3. The Nature of the appointment-would you like us to stay/wait at the appointment, or drop there and collect later?
  4. The time of the appointment.

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