Overnight House Sitting

What A Client Has Said About Our Overnight House Sitting (And Dog Walking) Service

"We had to go away for a week at short notice when our rescue dog, Arthur, had only been with us two months. We didn’t want to put him in kennels or have him stay somewhere strange as he’d had so much recent upheaval in his life. Laura and Luke stepped into the breach, offering their overnight house sitting service and daily walks for Arthur. They also took care of our cat Lucy. They fitted Arthur in for two group walks before we went away. The first time Luke came to take him Arthur was very nervous and it took both Luke and I to get him in the Land Rover. He’d clearly had a wonderful time though because the second time Luke called for him Arthur left without a backward glance. When we came home at the end of the week Arthur was so underwhelmed to see us that he didn’t even get off his bed! He was clearly a very happy, relaxed and contented dog. I’d thoroughly recommend Amity Pet Care’s services to anyone who wants complete peace of mind when they’re away."
Many animals benefit from remaining in their own familiar home environment, continuing their normal routines,  rather than staying in an unfamiliar boarding facility, and Amity Pet Care's Overnight House Sitting service can cater for that. 
Our service is equivalent to an evening and a morning Home Visit, as well as providing care over the night period. We arrive during the early evening, and depart during the early morning. Should your pet(s) require any care, exercise, or 'relief' visits (toilet breaks) during the daytime, we recommend using this service, in conjunction with our Home Visiting or Dog Walking service(s). Each owner will have a free consultation, to allow you and your pets to meet your Animal Carer, and to discuss your full needs and requirements. As we do not employ anyone else, you have the guarantee that it will be either, or both of us for the duration of your booking.

Overnight House Sitting Duties Can Include:
  • Preparation and provision of fresh food and water
  • Cleaning of the pet environment (hoovering, wiping surfaces, washing bowls, etc)
  • Play and exercise in your home and/or garden
  • A short walk for dogs in the evening when we arrive, and early morning before we depart (providing it's light outside).
  • Poo picking of your garden for dogs after their toilet breaks
  • Basic grooming (brushing)
  • Home security
  • Daily health checks
  • Administering of medication
  • Interactions, to ensure that the animal is mentally stimulated and content
  • Watering of plants

Health & Safety
We always use antibacterial hand sanitiser, clean 'as we go', and will use any cleaning equipment which owners wish us to use. All dogs must wear a secure collar, with ID tag (a legal requirement), and we recommend that all pets are microchipped (a legal requirement for dogs). Owners must ensure that pets are kept up to date with parasite treatments (flea and worming, etc), and their annual vaccinations.

Due to health reasons, we are unable to offer the Overnight House Sitting service, to owners who smoke inside their home. We may be able to offer alternative services-please enquire to discuss.

We provide all of our own food and drinks, and can provide our own bed linen (just let us know), but will require the use of water, electricity, and Wifi (if available). Owners must ensure that adequate pet and cleaning supplies are available.

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